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Aerobic gymnastics elevation of a female trio. :)
r0drigymn4stics sent: Thank you so much for taking the time to read my question and answer it. I'm glad you'll try to look for aerobic gymnastics content to post in your blog; I'm sure it'll make it look even better, haha! I'll make sure to submit some content to your blog from time to time to help you, if you wish. By the way, do you do gymnastics? :) I really wish more people would just be aware of the importance gymnastics could have in everyone's lives if it were a bit more popular throughout the world...

Thanks to you for taking the time to send me a message^^

Please do! :D I’ll be glad to post your submissions, really^^ Actually I’d like to encourage everyone to submit stuff :P

Sadly, I don’t :/ I started doing gymnastics when I was 6 and did it for a couple of years, but then I stopped and since then I’ve been a frustrated gymnast LOL

I’m a nutritionist and at some extend I studied that so I could work with gymnasts actually hehe, but in Mexico there’s not a lot of support for this sport and there’s not a lot of big clubs and things like that, so the chances of getting hired as the Nutritionist of a gymnastics team are very low. So I ended up working in a different field but my love for gymnastics will always be there :)

r0drigymn4stics sent: Hey, glad I found someone who loves gymnastics like me. Such a beautiful sport. :) Would you perhaps be able to post some sport aerobics (aerobic gymnastics) content (gifs or images)? That's the type of gymnastics I do and I love it to death. I'd be glad if you did. Thanks in advance. Followed, by the way. :)

Hello! :)
First of all sorry for the late reply, l had been very busy lately with my new life in Korea so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to check this blog :(

I’ve loved gymnastics since I am 6 years old so it was just natural for me to feel the need to create a gymnastics blog when I discovered Tumblr ^^ it’s great meeting with other people who has the same interests as you :)

Thank you for following! This blog is basically focused on Artistic Gymnastics because it’s the discipline I like the most, but I guess I’ll start posting other type of gymnastics too :) though I don’t know much about aerobics gymnastics, I’ll look for contents to post here for you ^^


a potion to enchant her abilities stay tuned for more proof of gymnasticraft